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prometho is an innovative company influenced by the spirit of research and creativity.

Our activities focus on the human being.

Our employees are creative, dedicated and always willing to accept new challenges.
This is the basis for our innovation.

We promote lateral thinking and give our employees the freedom to work independently.
We work in partnership with our customers, because this is the only way to achieve the best results for both parties.

In all our activities we protect people and the environment. Health is our greatest asset. Healthy employees are an essential requirement for the performance and the economic success of our company to ensure job security. Health and safety in the workplace is therefore the fundamental goal of our company.

With our company image we are bound to adhere to all regulations and to continually improve.

Quality and safety are accomplished by of all company employees. The necessary measures for this are made available.

With research, development, manufacture and distribution we offer our customers customised solutions for their marking, printing or surface problems. We develop all our products ourselves. Our aim is a long-lasting business relationship and not just short-lived success. Only innovation and a willingness to change guarantee competitiveness and growth. In new future technologies, such as nanotechnologies, we can see interesting perspectives for us all.

These principles are the basis for security, quality and protection of the environment.

Our mission is to offer customers solutions for success.

Our vision is to set the benchmark for innovation.



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