Company profile

Curious, creative and highly-motivated scientists and engineers, driven by having fun with their work are the heart of our innovative R&D work and thus the base for our products and services.

A wide range of knowledge and long years of experience have led us to focus our expertise on chemical development, analysis and the manufacturing of pigment preparations, inks and printing inks. In our own lab and production building we have highly-modern as well as tried and tested classic devices and equipment at our disposal.


R&D labs

The birthplace of innovations: Here we carry out our own developments or customer projects for inks, printing inks, pre-products and industrial coatings. Our equipment includes for example:
Stirring and dispersion devices, equipment for measuring particle size distribution (dls and laser diffraction), special pump models, mills, a filtration plant, drying cabinets, a muffle furnace, measuring and testing equipment, centrifuges, thin-layer chromatography, pH-meters, microscope, viscosity meters, scales, apparatus for synthesis, glass equipment, gas chromatography, a tensiometer, a refractometer, a conductivity meter, test equipment for lacquer and coatings, e.g. gloss, cross-cut, colour.

Application Technology

After the first steps in development our lab will make sure in several special tests that the products will work properly under industrial conditions. Pre-products and pigment preparations can be tested here in step with actual practice.


Our module production concept allows us to react extremely flexibly to customers' requests. We have ATEX facilities which guarantee our customers AVAILABILITY because of forward-looking storage and cautious purchase management. Since April 2012 we have been certified according to EN ISO 9001 (quality) and 14001 (environment). Our safety management is being checked regularly by the German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the Raw Materials and Chemical Industry according to ISO 45001 (formerly OHSAS 18001).




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