Together to your success

"Success comes down to having exactly the right skills at exactly the right moment" (Henry Ford)

Together to your success

"We invent, you succeed" is the guiding principle we work by for our customers to support them with the skills required at that very moment. We will support and accompany you throughout each phase of the project or in individual partial projects:

Project phase I, Preparation

You would like to know, for example, if and how a new idea for a product e.g. an ink with sensory properties could be technically feasible, what the situation is regarding the competitive environment and property law and which measuring and control process requirements could await you. We will support you with:

  • case studies and
  • technical product and competition analyses.

Special project phase regulations and certifications/approval

On the road to success there is a lot of red tape. This is why we check the general conditions before and during the development, be it food law or with regard to REACH or the so-called Dual Use Regulation or other national rules, we will accompany the project right up to the required certification/approval. We of course don't know everything, but we work together with expert and renowned institutions who know exactly what they are doing.

Project phase II, Development

The idea for a product is definite and you would like to begin with the development or you require accompanying support in further development or an existing, already established product should be improved or you are affected by an important ingredient being suddenly discontinued. Tell us your requirements and we will support you with:

  • Creating specification requirements,
  • Product development/ further developent

The following points apply to all our products and developments:
We do not copy any products but create specification requirements based on what the customer needs, where the remit reflects

We develop each product ourselves.

Project phase III, Product launch

The lab samples finally deliver good results. It is now just a question of starting a pilot phase on the one hand, and on the other, transferring from lab scale to technical processes. Simple handling in the lab becomes a manufacturing process. At the same time quality parameters, whose evaluation and limit values have to be defined as well as measures to chart the failure to reach these values. We will take on or support you with:

  • the launch and implementation of quality assurance measures
  • the planning of machinery and the process and measuring equipment
  • the transfer of the process from lab scale to production scale

Project phase IV, upscaling

Often, the difficulty is the detail. The components of the technical process are simple increase and there you have it....e.g. increased sedimentation in the container or a significant colour deviation. For every capacity adjustment the machines and equipment have to be compatible with each other. This applies especially to stirrers, dispersers, pumps and filtration. We are also at your disposal for:

  • upscale processes


We work outside the box and gather detailed information about innovations from other disciplines, which we in turn benefit from and can apply to our customer solutions, for "Problems can never be solved by the same way of thinking that created them." (Albert Einstein)

In this way marking inks and digital printing inks with fascinating features are created.



Use our competence for your success.

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